Block 73 in Staten Island

Lot #Street AddressOwner Name
1163 Clinton AvenueVASQUEZ, ALISSA
5155 Clinton AvenueJOHN E STAFFORD
7153 Clinton AvenueJOHN E STAFFORD
8145 Clinton AvenueST PAULS RC CHURCH
20129 Clinton AvenueST PAULS R C CHURCH
30148 Cassidy PlaceRC CHUR OF ST PAUL
49114 Cassidy PlacePEREZ, JOSE
51110 Cassidy PlaceLUIS MORALES
53106 Cassidy PlaceANTHONY MAGURNO AND L
55104 Cassidy PlaceTHERESA MCALARNEY
57102A Cassidy PlaceMOHAMED EL SAADANY
59 Lafayette AvenueMOHAMED EL SAADANY
60124 Lafayette AvenueMOHAMED ELSAADANY
62126 Lafayette AvenueTHERESA MCALARNEY
6491 Henderson AvenueDCAS/DEPARTMENT OF ED
89109 Henderson AvenueWILLIAM M ARRINDELL
93 Henderson AvenueWILLIAM M ARRINDELL
10029 Grace CourtMATTHEW Y. SUGARMAN,
12522 Grace CourtBROWN, LISA A
12724 Grace CourtR LOWERRE
12928 Grace CourtEDWARD COPPOLA
132133 Henderson AvenueREYES, NICHOLAS
136139 Henderson AvenueROBERT SKOP
139143 Henderson AvenueOWENS, MICHAEL A
142147 Henderson AvenueR PAONE
145153 Henderson AvenueHUDSON MARK R
1001126R Cassidy PlaceSCHDLITZ, YESHIVA
1002126R Cassidy PlaceJANE EBERLING
1003126Q Cassidy PlaceGENCO REAL PROPERTY C
1004126Q Cassidy PlaceTONISIA WILLIAMS
1005126P Cassidy PlaceELIZABETH DAFFRON
1006126P Cassidy PlaceCAMACHO, DAVID
1007126N Cassidy PlaceFISHER, HARRY
1009126M Cassidy PlaceCHIN, GLORIA
1010126M Cassidy PlaceWILLIAMS, LATESHA
1011126L Cassidy PlaceROLDAN, ALEXANDER
1012126L Cassidy PlaceHENRY MOORE
1013126K Cassidy PlaceMALDONADO, AIDA
1014126K Cassidy PlaceRILEY, CLARENCE S
1015126J Cassidy PlacePEREZ, EVA
1016126J Cassidy PlacePEREZ, EVA
1017126H Cassidy PlaceGARCIA, LEOPOLDO
1018126H Cassidy PlaceSANCHEZ, JOANNA MARIE
1019126G Cassidy PlaceFRED VALENTE
1020126G Cassidy PlaceMACALTAO, ROSALIE
1021126F Cassidy PlaceMARGARET FLEMING
1022126F Cassidy PlacePETITE BARBEL
1023126E Cassidy PlaceFILATOVA, SVETLANA
1024126E Cassidy PlaceDIAZ, ANTONIO
1025126D Cassidy PlaceMOJICA, ADOLFO E
1026126D Cassidy PlaceREILLY BRIAN
1027126B Cassidy PlaceJACKSON LOUISDOR
1028126A Cassidy PlaceJOSEPH P PUTKOWSKI
1029118 Cassidy PlaceDAFFRON, ELIZABETH
1030120 Cassidy PlaceYARON KALEV
1031122 Cassidy PlaceCARLOS RODRIGUEZ
1032124 Cassidy PlaceKIM R HINDS
7501124 Cassidy PlaceMC LOUGHLIN CHRISTINE