Block 2879 in Bronx

Lot #Street AddressOwner Name
11812 Andrews Avenue SouthEAST HARLEM COUNCIL F
21816 Andrews Avenue SouthAMO, EDWARD
31818 Andrews Avenue SouthACOSTA, MERCEDES
41822 Andrews Avenue SouthCABRAL, ROBERT
51824 Andrews Avenue SouthVARGAS, RADHAMES
61828 Andrews Avenue SouthEDWARDS, MARGARET
71830 Andrews Avenue SouthCOLE, BOYD ANTHONY
81834 Andrews Avenue SouthCOLE, A/K/A ROSA AGAT
91838 Andrews Avenue SouthCUELLO MERCEDES
101840 Andrews Avenue SouthBENNETT ANNUM
111844 Andrews Avenue SouthDUDLEY FINDLAY
121846 Andrews Avenue SouthHENRY F RAEBURN
131848 Andrews Avenue SouthMELENDEZ, JUAN G
141852 Andrews Avenue SouthBARBARA LANGHORNE
161856 Andrews Avenue SouthWILLIAMS, JENNIFER
171860 Andrews Avenue SouthPAULINO, FEDERICO A
181862 Andrews Avenue SouthVENTURA, PEDRO
191866 Andrews Avenue SouthMARTE, RAMON
201870 Andrews Avenue South1870 HOUSING LLC
211872 Andrews Avenue SouthLIRIANO, LUZ
221876 Andrews Avenue SouthWADY CRUZ
231878 Andrews Avenue SouthSURIEL, CARLOS
241880 Andrews Avenue SouthESPINAL, ROBINSON
251882 Andrews Avenue SouthULLOA, MARIAM J.
281890 Andrews Avenue South1890 ANDREWS AVENUE H
301925 University AvenueNYC HOUSING AUTHORITY
321915 University AvenueNYC HOUSING AUTHORITY
331895 University AvenueNYC HOUSING AUTHORITY
351885 University AvenueCALVARY UNITED METHOD
411875 University AvenueNYC HOUSING AUTHORITY
431865 University AvenueNYC HOUSING AUTHORITY
451841 University AvenueUNIVERSAL HEIGHTS 18
50181 West Tremont Avenue181 W TREMONT ASSOCIA
511810 Loring Place SouthEARTH PROPERT & CONST
531820 Loring Place South1820 LORING ASSOC LL
601840 Loring Place SouthMCKINLEY HOOKS
611842 Loring Place SouthSNOW, JACQUELINE A.
621848 Loring Place SouthLLOYD & CYNTHIA
631850 Loring Place SouthTEJADA, NICOLASA
641854 Loring Place SouthNEMARD OSCAR
651856 Loring Place SouthHILL, A/K/A ALFRED JR
661862 Loring Place SouthSYLVIA HARRISON
671864 Loring Place SouthPINALES, CRISTINO
681866 Loring Place SouthCPE HOUSING DEVELOPME
691868 Loring Place SouthCPE HOUSING DEVELOPME
701800 Phelan PlaceQUINONES, ARCIDES
711806 Phelan PlaceFERGUSON EUGENE
721808 Phelan PlaceCASTILLO - AVILA, ALT
731812 Phelan PlaceBA, BEKAYE
741814 Phelan PlaceGISELAINE TERNIER
801834 Phelan PlaceGIO-GJO REALTY LLC
851833 Loring Place SouthSAUNDRA H LEWIS
861829 Loring Place SouthRAMIRO TORRES
871827 Loring Place SouthEMETERIO, THERESA
881823 Loring Place SouthLLOYD MATHIESON
891821 Loring Place SouthPASCUAL ORTIZ
901819 Loring Place SouthLORING PLACE HOLINESS
911815 Loring Place SouthSANCHEZ JESUS
921811 Loring Place SouthSALOBO, DAVID
931807 Loring Place SouthGUAMAN, JOFFRE M
941801 Loring Place South1801 LORING ASSOCIATE
100159 West Tremont Avenue1801 UNIVERSITY ASSOC
101169 West Tremont AvenueGOPAUL S NAIDOO
103173 West Tremont AvenueBUI, TRUNG QUANG
104175 West Tremont Avenue175 WEST TREMONT LLC
105177 West Tremont AvenueSHIELD OF DAVID INC
1071800 Andrews Avenue SouthSHIELD OF DAVID INC
1131839 University Avenue799 MANAGEMENT LLC
1141835 University AvenueKIPS BAY BOYS & GIRLS
1171821 University AvenueRECLAIM HOUSING DEVEL
1201817 University AvenueYELLOW TREE LLC
1211815 University AvenueUNIVERSITY HOLDING LL
1231805 University AvenueUNIVERSITY HOLDING LL
1391805 Phelan PlaceSEKOU, SAKHO
143227 West Tremont AvenueGONZALEZ, FE MARIE SI
145229A West Tremont AvenueBASTIEN, CAROL A
147229B West Tremont AvenueDUNLAP, NICOLE K
1491840 Sedgwick AvenueANDREWS PLAZA HOUSING
156 Billingsley TerraceANDREWS PLAZA HOUSING
1611881 Billingsley TerraceGRAND PROPERTIES 52 C
1621883 Billingsley TerracePORTUONDO, WILSON R
1631885 Billingsley TerraceHAROLD E. HOOKS
1641887 Billingsley TerraceBAEZ, MIGUELINA
1651889 Billingsley TerraceBETTY J BURTS
1661891 Billingsley TerraceCRICHLOW, GEORGE
167 Sedgwick AvenueFIRE DEPARTMENT
169 Sedgwick AvenueFIRE DEPARTMENT
170184 West Burnside Avenue190 WEST BURNSIDE LLC
1721895 Billingsley TerraceCRICHLOW, DORIS
184170 West Burnside Avenue1915 REALTY LLC
1871858 Phelan PlaceLUGO, JESSICA
188160 West Burnside AvenueNYC DEP
1891856 Phelan PlaceROSA GARDNER
192150 West Burnside Avenue150 WEST BURNSIDE LLC
1971863 Loring Place SouthOMANA, OSCAR
1981861 Loring Place SouthHERRERA, MIGUEL
1991859 Loring Place SouthDONES LISSANDER
2001874 Loring Place SouthWEST SIDE BRONX LLC
2041893 Andrews Avenue SouthBURNSIDE MEWS ASSOCIA
2091881 Andrews Avenue SouthBARBARA LANGHORNE
2101879 Andrews Avenue SouthPEREZ, CARLOS
2111875 Andrews Avenue SouthGUZMAN, JULIO G
2121873 Andrews Avenue SouthJEAN, OLIVER
2131871 Andrews Avenue SouthSCANTLEBURY, YOLANDO
2141869 Andrews Avenue SouthCHAPPIE PRINCE
2161865 Andrews Avenue SouthFALCONER, HORDLEY
2171863 Andrews Avenue SouthDURU, UDODI
2181861 Andrews Avenue SouthANDREWS GARDEN LLC
2191859 Andrews Avenue SouthCORNIEL, JOSE
2201857 Andrews Avenue SouthUBIERA, ANGELA
2211855 Andrews Avenue SouthSMITH, LENA M
2241839 Loring Place SouthTHE JOSEPH ROBERT GOR
2251841 Loring Place South1841 LORING PL LLC
2261843 Loring Place SouthSANTOS, JOSE D
2271845 Loring Place SouthGREEN FRANCISCO
2281847 Loring Place SouthBILLETT, CARVILLE
2291849 Loring Place SouthJOAN KEYES
2301853 Loring Place SouthGARCIA, LUZ M
2311855 Loring Place SouthSANCHEZ, EDGAR
2321857 Loring Place SouthMOJICA, JASON
2351840 Phelan Place1840-1850 PHELAN LLC
2401850 Phelan Place1840-1850 PHELAN LLC
2501850 Billingsley TerraceG BAESLACK UX
2531860 Billingsley Terrace1860 BILLINGSLEY TERR
257 Billingsley TerracePARKS AND RECREATION
2621894 Billingsley TerraceHENRY, GEORGE A JR
2631898 Billingsley TerraceBILLINGSLEY TERRACEHS
2651851 Phelan Place1851 PARTNERS LLC
2661849 Phelan PlaceRODRIGUEZ, ROBERT A
2671847 Phelan PlaceDUROSINMI, SEKINAT
2681845 Phelan PlaceADON, FLORINDA
2691843 Phelan PlaceASUNI, KAZEEM
2701841 Phelan PlaceCAMARA, BAKARY
2711839 Phelan PlaceWHYTE, ROBERT
2721837 Phelan PlaceTAMAYO, SANDY
2731835 Phelan PlaceTRONCOSO, JOSE F
2741833 Phelan PlaceCRUZ, ALEXIS
2761845 Billingsley TerraceNORMA CENTENO
2771847 Billingsley TerraceNELSON M GONZALEZ
278 Billingsley TerraceDCAS
2791825 Phelan PlaceFUENTES, DAVID
2801831 Billingsley TerraceRICHARD MAATHEY
2811815 Phelan PlaceTURBIDES, MARIA P.
2821813 Phelan PlacePHE 1813 LLC
2831811 Phelan PlaceDARLIN M. REALTY, INC
2841809 Phelan PlaceRODRIGUEZ TEDORA
2851807 Phelan Place1807 PHELAN REALTY LL
3001847 Andrews Avenue SouthRICHARDSON, TEODORO
3011845 Andrews Avenue SouthRICHARDSON, JOHN G.
3021841 Andrews Avenue SouthCURRERA, FREDDY A.
3031839 Andrews Avenue SouthSHARON SMITH
3041835 Andrews Avenue SouthMOBLEY, INGRID
3051831 Andrews Avenue SouthFOSTER MABEL
3061829 Andrews Avenue SouthSISSOKO, MAHAMADOU
3071825 Andrews Avenue SouthCAMPBELL, ESTELA WILL
3081821 Andrews Avenue SouthSOW, OUMAR
3091819 Andrews Avenue SouthCARTER, ANSELMO O
3361844 Loring Place SouthLUNA, JAIRO
3751831 Phelan PlaceAHMED, MESBAH
3761829 Phelan PlaceTAMAYO, SEGUNDO
3771827 Phelan PlaceBECO, VICTOR
4751841 Billingsley TerraceRODRIGUEZ, JUNIOR
4761843 Billingsley TerraceGALLARDO, OSCAR